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 2016 Brunswick Studio Walk Route

2016 Brunswick Studio Walk Route

Brunswick Studio Walk

The Brunswick Studio Walk is a free, annual event held in Brunswick since 2016.

This self-directed walk allows participants to stroll at their own pace across 16 creative locations between Jewell and Moreland Stations.

The walk encourages participants’ discovery of new art, small vibrant galleries and artists’ studios, and emerging artists. This exciting occasion will generate connections between artists, galleries and studios as well as expand awareness of art facilities, locations and practices. It will also provide a great opportunity for people to come together and explore an active area of Moreland’s creative community.

The Brunswick Studio Walk is a collaboration between artists Joshua Simpson and Charlotte Watson to promote the often overlooked areas where art is made. Moreland municipality has one of the densest areas of working arts studios in Australia and we wanted to put together a free event for both artists and the public to see behind the scenes and get to know their local creators. 

 Design by  Gregory Mackay


A reading circle for art lovers.
Founded by curator Sophia Cai and artist Charlotte Watson in 2016, Monograph is a free, bi-monthly reading circle for artists and makers. Unlike a formal book club, Monograph is a reading group where each participant discusses pieces they have read that have influenced their art practice. This means we discuss everything from fiction, poetry, comics, art periodicals, to Ai Weiwei’s twitter feed.

To join our mailing list and receive notifications of upcoming sessions, please email. All book-reading art lovers are welcome to attend, but RSVPs are essential as spots are limited.

We also host sessions with guest speakers and featured books, covering areas of art, criticism, design and craft. Our special sessions have included: