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Consultation for artists

Writing about artwork can be challenging, particularly when applying for shows, grants or other opportunities. Applications often require succinct summaries of complex ideas, and ask for a kind of language that doesn't always feel natural when it comes to art.

I have worked as a professional administrator for over four years, writing and editing proposals for Universities, State and Local Government, Private and Public Sector clients. These skills have translated into art, with the following successes, either for myself or others:

  • Creative New Zealand Grants

  • Local Council Community and/or Arts Grants (Australia)

  • Crowd funding campaigns

  • International residencies

  • Exhibition proposals for municipal galleries

  • Various artist-run spaces

Through administrative assistance, help can be provided for:

  • Grant applications, budgets and acquittals

  • Exhibition proposal applications

  • Marketing copy and press releases

  • Artist bio/statement & resumes

  • Artwork summaries

  • Exhibition essays/text accompaniments

Assistance ranges from proof reading and structure, to more in-depth consultation to develop ideas. Being an artist myself, I understand financial constraints, so rates are affordable.

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